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Bikkuri Project
Hanaseba BIKKURI suru jan
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Just wanted to share some Animated GIFs and Screen-caps I made from Arashi's latest concert DVD! There may be a fair amount of snarky commentary as well, just to warn you. This is just the first half.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Ohno-kun is fishing-crazy.... or maybe just crazy.

Jun's thoughts right now: "Damn, I'm pretty"

12th-Mar-2008 09:42 pm - Moving!
    I am very very excited and pleased to announce that Bikkuri Project has moved! Ray at International Wota has been kind enough to both offer me hosting and help me prettify the site. Mega-thanks to him. The new address is: http://www.intlwota.com/bikkuriproject/ Easy to remember, right? I'll leave this site up for a while, but all updates will be occurring at the new address.


PS: My other blog, KAT-TUN 2 Me, also has a new home at http://www.intlwota.com/kattun2me/
21st-Feb-2008 07:15 pm - Bonkyu Screen-cap Bonanza: Part 2
Okay, I couldn't wait. Enjoy!

BonKyu Bye,

21st-Feb-2008 04:25 pm - Bonkyu Screen-cap Bonanza: Part 1
Yay yay yay! My screen-caps are done! I have a bit of a problem though. There's simply way too many of them, so they're going to have to be delivered in installments. I want to be able to comment on them, so I'm going to do it this way instead of posting thumb-nails.Expect the next installment tonight, when the bell tolls one. That, or whenever I get tired of studying for my economics test.

16th-Feb-2008 01:13 am - Aki BonKyu, Concert Review
The title rhymes if you say it right! At long last, I can watch the Bonkyu Bonkyu Bomb concert! Hope you like overly-long reviews! What can I say? Getting to watch a new MM concert is like Christmas for me, and I tend to get a bit carried away.

8th-Feb-2008 11:53 am - Kanpai!


1st-Feb-2008 06:32 pm - Idols: Proceed with Caution


themselves up for a fall.

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